So, I started something new last year, a different type of training I’m normally used to! I joined ChalkBox Navan. In August I completed a Strength & Conditioning course in Dublin, where there was a lot of Olympic lifting and gymnastic exercises involved. It was embarrassing how little I could do, and how much weaker I felt compared to the other guys. It was then I decided to join ChalkBox Navan in September. I met with Alan, the owner of ChalkBox Navan, where he guided me through the structure and ideology behind CrossFit and gymnastic training. I signed up to do a month of the classes and give it a good go!


I have to say my body was aching so much after my first few classes which I expected, but it has adapted really well to the demands of the classes. Over the past few months, I’ve been attending classes with either Alan, Kelly or Ray – all three of which are excellent. I really enjoy the fact that there is very personalised 1:1 coaching and that they’re always checking correct posture and technique.


The style of exercising here is unlike any training I’d done before. I’ve played hurling and soccer all my life, done personal training sessions, a wide variety of exercise classes in the gym setting and many different aerobic fitness tests. ChalkBox Navan is unlike this. It is like a 1:1 session among a group of people! I really enjoy that you make it as competitive as you want it to be – something I feel I need to do in the classes to get the most out of it.


As the weeks progress you can really start to see the difference in your body and your abilities. For example, my back squat has improved by 20kg in the 2 months. As a physiotherapist, I’m very aware that CrossFit has a reputation that it injures people – but it doesn’t. Because you have constant guidance and education, verbal cueing and are always monitored, and you only lift the weight you can and work on the version of the exercise that you can, the chances of injury are really quite low.


I have to say I’ve been enjoying the structure of the classes and exercises here and am recommending it to all my patients. It’s a fantastic way to train and full credit to all the instructors there; they have a great level of knowledge and guidance. So join up!


Sean Clarke,

Physiotherapist @ BodyBalance Physiotherapy