PostureFitting–Feel, Move and Look Better A pioneering approach that uplifts the way women feel, move and look,PostureFitting is a new and innovative posture-management system with bra-fitting at its core. The PostureFitting system assists women of all ages and life stages in gaining and maintaining optimal posture. Enhancing Upper and mid back support, it includes an optimally-fitted bra to enhance postural improvement, achieving amazing physical results. Fitted by a physiotherapist, each bra in the PostureFitting range has been specifically selected for its postural benefits.

Passionate about improving women’s wellbeing, Irish Chartered Physiotherapist Siobhan O’Donovan developed the physio-ledPostureFitting system. Following attendance at/after completing an introductory workshop, selected chartered physiotherapists are invited to become trained and licensed PostureFitting Physio Partners.

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