Sports Injuries

At Body Balance we have immense experience in managing sport related injuries with professional and amateur athletes. Here in Navan, we are the clinic of choice for many GAA teams as well as other sports such as tennis, golf and soccer. With the athlete, our job is to manage their injury and set out goals so that they can return to peak performance as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will also assess to evaluate what caused their injury and design a return to play program to minimise their risk of re-injury.In the event that an injury is potentially more serious we can also advise on where to acquire further investigation.

Post Operative Rehab

Post-operative​ physiotherapy is a rehabilitation programme that a person will follow once they have had their surgery. We specialise in rehabilitation post joint replacement surgery, l​igament reconstruction including ACL, post fracture surgeries as well as women’s health surgeries such as a C-section. At Body Balance, rehabilitation programs will be developed by a chartered physiotherapist to give the person the best opportunity to recover after surgery. It will be designed to take your needs and goals into account whether your goal is to return to high level performance in sport or to return to work.

Common Surgeries that we have particular expertise in are:

  • Total Knee/Hip Replacements
  • Shoulder Replacements
  • Achilles Repair
  • Cruciate Knee Ligament Repair
  • Knee Cartilage (Meniscus) Repair
  • Spinal Discectomies/Fusions

Discover the benefits of Sports Injuries & Post Operative treatment.