At the BodyBalance’s pelvic health program focuses on the underlying cause of discomfort found at the musculoskeletal level. Starting with a thorough pelvic exam, a pelvic health trained physiotherapist will assess the structure for signs of problems which may include loss of function, pain, and dysfunction. Our physiotherapist will then develop a rehabilitation program recognized as a first line of defense against incontinence and pelvic pain, without involving medication or surgery.

Patients are seen in individual treatment rooms with total consideration to privacy and compassion for what they are experiencing. Once an initial assessment has taken place, a therapist may use:

  • manual manipulation,
  • pelvic floor retraining & strengthening exercises,
  • and education in an effort to reduce discomfort.

Our clinics give every mother, sister, daughter, and grandmother a chance to be forthcoming about reproductive irregularities and chronic urinary conditions so they can continue to lead an active lifestyle without hesitation.

Why Choose BodyBalance for Female Pelvic Conditions?

  • Work with a specially trained therapist
  • Learn about exercises you can do at home
  • Private, non-invasive procedures for total health

Your life is too busy to let anything slow you down. Request an appointment to learn more about how you or a loved one can benefit from this program.

Discover the benefits of Pelvic Health.