At Bodybalance we specialise in dysfunction of the pelvic floor & conditions/surgeries that specifically affect the female anatomy. This is a Specialism of Physiotherapy on its own and often people are unaware of its existence.

The NICE ( Independent Organisation Responsible for improving healthcare) guidelines indicate that all women with Stress incontinence or Pelvic Organ Prolapse Should see a Specialist Physiotherapist in this area.

We also see clients preventatively for their Pelvic Floor under our Mummy MOT programme which also assesses for Abdominal Separation ( Diastasis Rectus Abdominus) among other postnatal issues.

The pelvic floor forms the base of your pelvis so although it has a role in core support for your back and pelvis it also forms the outlet for your bladder, bowel and sexual organs.

We work with Urologists, Obstetricians and Colorectal rectal Surgeons when surgery is not indicated *** which is very common****and conservative methods are more appropriate.

Discover the benefits of Pelvic Health.


With this in mind we treat all conditions related to dysfunction in the genito-urinary system and also issues with the bowel and back passage.

As women our pelvic floor is more complex as we give birth through this area and it is also under the influence of monthly menstrual cycles.

Chronic Bladder Pain or Pelvic Pain, Over Active Bladder, Painful Sex, Painful Periods due to Endometriosis or Adenomyosis and Irregular and painful bowel movements can all be addressed at our pelvic floor clinic.

We can help with symptoms of Prolapse, Bladder and Bowel Leakage and Urgency and therefore help improve your quality of life.

Understanding how you can help yourself alongside Pelvic Floor & Women’s Health Physiotherapy, we help people recover after birth, during pregnancy, after Surgery such as hysterectomy or mastectomy.

The scope is very wide due to the complexity of the pelvic floor & female anatomy  and also the nature of the area where people are embarrassed or shy about disclosing their issues to anyone. Rest assured we will have come across your issue before and will strive to help you recover.

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