Bowen Technique – NST

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST – also known as the Bowen Technique) is a stand alone soft tissue technique, which initiates a process of natural auto-regulation in the spinal column and consequently throughout the whole body. The technique originated from Tom Bowen in Australia.

After a session the effect  is often a rapid elimination or reduction of symptoms, followed by an increase in energy and an unmistakable sense of wellbeing.

NST is a gentle technique and does not require the client to fully undress. Its application is suitable and safe for all ages, from newborns to the elderly.

As its main aim is to reintegrate the body-mind complex as a whole, it is often called contextual healing, consequently regarding illnesses as symptoms of imbalance. For this reason there are no contraindications, rendering the technique useful for a wide range of conditions from acute pain to chronic conditions.

Not every condition will respond in the same way. Advanced degenerative conditions often require a multifaceted approach, of which the NST may form an exceedingly significant part.

Rheumatological conditions (such as fibromyalgia) and chronic pain respond particularly well to this technique. Vivienne has been trained and certified in this technique and practises it regularly.

Discover the benefits of NST.


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