Baby Massage

New 5 week Term commences on Tuesday 12th February @11 am

Cost €70 for 5 weeks

(Baby Massage is fully refundable from Health Insurance) (please check your own cover)

Clinical evidence shows that loving, touching, nurturing contact between caregiver and infant has an important impact on their development.
Infant massage is something that every parent or caregiver can learn and practice-providing benefits to both baby and parents.

Infant Massage can…

· Improve communication between parent and baby

· Help to calm babies emotions and relieve stress
· Soothe babies and help them to sleep better
· Help babies in the development of their bodies
· Enhance parents’ ability to understand their babies needs
· Aid digestion and help relieve colic, wind and constipation
· Help develop muscle tone, coordination and suppleness
· Strengthen the Immune System
· Regulate breathing and relieve nasal congestion
· Improve skin texture

Class Structure

Classes meet once a week for 5 weeks.
The classes are designed for parents, grandparents and other caregivers with their babies.
The ideal age for babies is birth to pre-crawling.
Participants massage their babies whilst being guided through a step-by-step massage routine.
The routine is a carefully balanced combination of Swedish massage, Indian massage and Reflexology.
Each participant receives individual attention.
Classes include relaxation techniques and talks on issues such as crying, sleeping and baby emotions.
All participants receive handouts, massage oil and refreshments.