Pilates​ is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening our deep abdominals, shoulder blades, pelvic floor and back. It also improves overall flexibility, coordination and our breathing control. Therefore it is an ideal form of exercise for those during and after an injury to maintain muscle strength. Our Pilates classes at Body Balance Clinic takes place in our own state of the art studio on the ground floor. Each Pilates exercise can be modified by the physiotherapist or instructor for each individual based on their ability. Our Pilates classes are accessible to everyone regardless of your fitness, gender or age.

The classes can be as easy or as tough as you make it. The exercises demonstrated in the classes can be made easier or harder depending on your level. Our classes here are delivered by experienced chartered Physiotherapists & Pilates instructors. Both the physiotherapists and instructors have completed relevant training in this discipline – they are experts in body movement. We have a direct link from our clinic to our classes as they happen in the same building. We ask you to fill in a screening form to ensure your safety to take part in the classes. Below is a brief description of the Pilates classes we host:

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