Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is the most common type of massage technique used in our clinic. As the name suggests, it is a deep technique. Deep tissue massage aims to reduce muscle tension,therefore reducing pain and discomfort. It has many other benefits, some of which are,boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, aiding recovery and improving muscletone. Deep tissue massage will work on soft tissue structures such as: muscle, ligaments,tendons and fascia.

Relaxing Holistic Massage

In the clinic, we also offer a relaxing holistic massage. This type of massage uses lighter strokes which triggers a relaxed state on the body​. ​A relaxing massage is proved to help reduce anxiety, stress and depression as it releases endorphins into the body which are known as “the feel good hormone”.

Pregnancy Massage

This particular technique is for pregnant women. Pregnancy causes an increased load on the muscles and joints in the body and increased stress. A pregnancy massage commonly involves the patient in side lying in order to optimise comfort. The massage techniques are more gentle than a deep tissue massage. Among the many benefits include improved sleep, reduced stress, improved muscle function and improved swelling.

Bowen Technique – NST

The Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST – also known as the Bowen Technique) is one of the world’s leading techniques in structural and spinal therapy for lasting pain removal and rejuvenation.

NST is a remarkably effective professional bodywork technique, which initiates a process of natural auto-regulation in the spinal column and consequently throughout the whole body. The effect of this is a rapid elimination or reduction of symptoms, followed by an increase in energy and an unmistakable sense of wellbeing.

NST is a gentle technique. It is essentially a soft tissue osteopathic-style therapy, designed to remove pain, physiological dysfunction and even psychological imbalances, by restoring the structural integrity of the body. Its application is suitable and safe for all ages, from newborns to the elderly.

As its main aim is to reintegrate the body-mind complex as a whole, it is often called contextual healing, consequently regarding illnesses as symptoms of imbalance. For this reason there are no contraindications, rendering the technique useful for a wide range of conditions from acute pain to chronic conditions.

Not every condition will respond in the same way. Advanced degenerative conditions often require a multifaceted approach, of which the NST may form an exceedingly significant part. A treatment comprises the application of sequences of specialized ‘moves’ to the body, carried out in a very specific and systematic manner. Characteristically, skilful soft tissue manipulation is applied to the lower and upper back, abdomen, neck, arms and legs. There is no forceful manipulation, rather a cross-fibre manoeuvring of muscle, tendon, ligament or nerve, using varying pressure and incorporating resting periods to allow the body to respond.

Treatment can be done either through clothing or directly on the skin. Throughout the session the recipient experiences deep relaxation, essentially providing the body with a ‘window of opportunity’ to reorganize itself comprehensively via the natural activation of various neural reflexes and important regulatory systems.

Rheumatological conditions (such as fibromyalgia) and chronic pain respond particularly well to this technique. Vivienne has been trained and certified in this technique and practises it regularly.

Baby Massage

Find out more about our Infant Massage on our ‘Class’ section.

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