Ergonomics optimises the interface between people, their job and their environment. Companies use ergonomics to adapt their work environment to maximise the efficiency and productivity of their staff. An ergonomic workstation set up is safer and more comfortable for workers.

What are the benefits of an Ergonomic workplace?

    • Reduces physical/mental stress
    • Increases staff morale
    • Increases productivity/output
    • Reduces sick leave
    • Reduces risks of claims

What is involved in an Ergonomic Assessment?

Our Physiotherapists, can visit your workplace to complete an Ergonomic assessment. We will observe your workstation set up and ask a few questions relating to your job. We may also make adjustments to your chair, desk, or monitor, and give advice regarding additional equipment that is available. We will then provide a detailed report including recommendations that we feel will improve your workplace. An assessment usually lasts approx. 20-30 minutes.

Do I need an Ergonomic Assessment?

We recommend those who spend 1+ hours per day using a computer to have an assessment, or if you suffer from back/neck pain, shoulder pain, repetitive strain injuries, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, all employees who work with a computer must have a workstation set up that is not a risk to their health and must be trained in the safe use of the workstation.

If you feel this service may benefit you please contact us at 0863862001.

Corporate Physiotherapy

Corporate Physiotherapy is physiotherapy that is provided at a business. There is a huge amount of research indicating that having direct physiotherapy at a business is in the best interests of the employee and employer.

Presenteeism refers to lost productivity and performance due to employees showing up at work, but not working at full capacity. This can be due to a whole host of reasons, one of which being physical pain. Presenteeism is one of the biggest drains on productivity and is hugely costly to employers, but all too often ignored. Research has shown that presenteeism can cost employers x3 more than sickness absence. The provision of physiotherapy at corporations has demonstrated very positive effects and outcomes.

Discover the benefits of Ergonomics & Corporate Physiotherapy.